Fast, Safe Drain Clearing in Portsmouth, Hampshire

When your sink stops draining, don't panic! Call All Hours Drain & Plumbing Services Ltd in Portsmouth, Hampshire, for fast, safe drain clearing at any time of the day or night.

In-Depth Drain Inspections

Our first step towards a solution is identifying the problem. We use colour CCTV cameras and video recording to detect problems quickly without the need for costly digging with a trial hose. This is a great way to diagnose suspected structural problems with your drains.

Drainage Vacuums

Over time scale, silt, fat, and grease accumulate in pipes, reducing capacity and flow or even causing total blockages. We use drainage vacuum technology to clear debris from your pipes and ensure your drain flows properly.

High-Pressure Cleaning

All pipes naturally collect unwanted debris, waste, calcite deposits, and other materials. Our high-pressure cleaning systems easily remove these blockages and return your drainage system to normal.


Excavation is sometimes necessary to resolve drainage problems on commercial properties. With top-quality equipment and expertise in multiple fields, we are fully equipped to perform even the most complex drainage excavation, in any conditions.

Contact us for expert insight into your drainage problem.