Manhole Lifters & a Mobile Tractor Cam in Portsmouth, Hampshire

With manhole lifters and a mobile tractor cam, we can access even the most difficult plumbing systems. Contact All Hours Drain & Plumbing Services Ltd in Portsmouth, Hampshire, for qualified plumbing work with top-quality equipment.


Our hydraulic manhole lifters can lift any manhole cover, even heavy-duty covers that have not been moved in a long time. Once they are up, they will be easier to move in the future.

Tractor Cam

For the trickier and larger pipes, we have a mobile tractor cam, which is connected to a video receiver so we can see exactly what is going on. We use the Tractor cam for larger pipes, including 12" culverts and upwards. It is a highly technical process and has a diameter of 100mm up to 250mm.

Man Entry

Sometimes the best solution to your problem involves sending a skilled worker down into your sewer system. This is a highly specialised service and requires certification and regular training. Our employees learn how to use confined space access equipment and detect gas, both of which are compulsory for man entry jobs. We also use respiration equipment and are skilled in the use of breathing apparatus and escape and rescue operations.

Contact us when you need to access hard-to-reach pipes and sewers.